5 Things To Do When Moving Into An Apartment To Get All Of Your Security Deposit Back

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While maintaining an apartment is certainly easier than caring for a home that you own because of the repairs and updates you would be responsible for, there are still several ways for a rental to become dirty. If you are interested in getting the maximum amount of money back from your security deposit when moving out, you need to first consider what is involved in getting the apartment ready for moving in.

With the following ideas, you can prepare the apartment for moving in while also avoiding unnecessary damages and the need for excessive cleaning in the future.

Place a Thick Layer of Aluminum Foil on the Bottom of the Oven

Cooking at home is a great way to cut food costs and enjoy delicious home-cooked meals, but it can also mean that the kitchen gets very dirty—especially if you rely on the oven often. To reduce the amount of mess inside the oven and avoid needing to roughly scrub the bottom, consider lining the entire bottom of the oven with thick aluminum foil. This simple action can help reduce how much cleaning will be needed when it is time to move out of the rental. 

Cover Your Stovetop Drip Pans with Aluminum Foil

Another way to cut down on the amount of mess that occurs in the kitchen is by covering the stovetop drip pans. While you can easily replace these pans when they get dirty, they can cost a lot when done often. With aluminum foil covering the drip pans, you save money and can simply replace the foil whenever it gets dirty, leaving the pans underneath in pristine condition.

Add a Plastic Mat at the Front and Back Entrance

Cutting down on how dirty the flooring becomes is essential if you want to keep the rental in the best condition, making a plastic mat at each entrance a smart idea. While some rentals have tile or hardwood at the entryways to reduce dirt and grime, you can still benefit from adding a plastic mat to these floors.

Take Off Your Shoes after Walking Inside

Along with using a mat near the entrances, you should avoid wearing shoes indoor completely. With your shoes removed as soon as you walk inside, you will not need to worry about tracking in mud and other debris that could get the floors dirty.

Invest in Stain Cleaner Right Away

While vacuuming and spot cleaning occasionally will help keep the carpet presentable, you need to also be prepared in the event of a spill. Getting a stain cleaning product for every flooring type in your home, as well as a steam cleaning machine with a brush attachment for homes with mostly carpet can help ensure that any spill is removed right away without any lasting stains.

Getting your entire security deposit back for a rental can be a lot easier if you take the time to get the home prepped before fully moving in. With some easy ideas listed above, the apartment should stay a lot cleaner and help you get most or all of your deposit returned to you.