Staging Ideas To Sell Your Home

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When working with a full service real estate agent, you may be asked to participate in the staging of your home. Staging is a process where you create and implement an environment in your home and yard that will entice home shoppers to make an offer on your home. The environment may be created with your own possessions, or it may be done with rented décor. Your agent will guide you in the staging process, but here are some ideas that you may both decide to use.

The Bachelor Pad

If your home has certain architectural elements that lend themselves to modern, trendy and stylistic, you might want to create a quintessential bachelor pad atmosphere. This is perfect if you and your agent think your buyer might be a single, affluent male.

One way to create a bachelor pad atmosphere is by adding lounge furniture such as an L or U-shaped couch with recliner, plasma wall televisions, a hot tub, a wine refrigerator and more. Light the room with ambient light and play romantic music during showings. In the living room, lay out a side table with a selection of cocktail glasses and drink stirrers. You'll be sure to attract any buyer who sees himself as a swinging bachelor type.

The Wholesome, Happy Family Home

Many homes are built to house families with children. If you think your ideal home purchaser will be a young family with children, you can play on that by incorporating certain elements in your staging.

Place one or two baskets of toys in the living room and bedrooms. Convert the backyard garden shed into a playhouse by painting it pink and adding a window box. Set up a large kitchen table with a plate of cookies and four glasses of milk. In one of the bedrooms, arrange a small desk with a task lamp notebook and pencil. Hang photographs of your family on the wall and over the mantle to show that it's possible to build wonderful memories in your home. 

As you stage your home, it may feel like you are being fake, and that it will be obvious to the buyers what you are doing. But that doesn't matter. What matters is that they will be able to see themselves living in your home, enjoying that fantasy lifestyle that you have described for them with your staging. The reason that full service real estate agents help you with staging ideas is that they work.