Bed Bugs In Your Chicago Home? A New Mattress Is Not The Answer

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In an annual list released of bed bug infested cities, Chicago has gained the dubious honor for the fourth year in a row of having the most bed bug treatments in a year. There are a number of reasons why Chicago may experience higher levels of bed bugs than other places and one is the fact that bed bugs travel quite easily. Since Chicago is a spot that receives a lot of visitors every year, it is feasible some bed bugs are hitching a ride on the possessions of incoming tourists. No matter how the bed bugs got into your Chicago home, how you deal with the problem now is going to determine how fast you get rid of them.

Don't Move The Mattress Or Bedding

It is not uncommon to immediately want to throw out your mattress because you have discovered bed bugs, but this reaction could end up costing you more money than is necessary. The minute you pull the mattress off the bed and start heading towards the front door to throw it out is the minute you start moving bed bugs into other areas of your home. This then leaves you with the cost of replacing both the mattress you threw out and also treating all the other furniture you have now infected with bed bugs.

This also applies to blankets, pillows and other bedding being transferred between your bedrooms. Each time you move one of these items between rooms, you open up the opportunity for bed bugs to travel into the different rooms of your home. Once bed bugs are found, don't move anything!

Professional Bed Bug Eradication

You no doubt already know that the best way to get rid of bed bugs is to arrange for a professional pest eradication program, but do you know why it is better to have the professionals do it rather than to attempt to get rid of the bed bugs yourself? There are two main reasons.

  1. Professionals know where else to check in the house for bed bugs before the treatment begins. If you do not know where to look, you may not treat all infected areas of your home, and this gives remaining bed bugs a chance to spread out further into your dwelling.
  2. Chemical treatment is used to kill the bed bugs, and it may need to be reapplied if there are still bed bugs present after two weeks. This is because existing bed bug eggs take 6-10 days to hatch. Not all do-it-yourself chemical treatments are proven to be effective, and new bed bugs just begin the cycle all over again. Additionally, ineffective treatments could move the bed bugs to another area of your home, or they could be harmful to yourself or your pets.

Using a professional treatment regime is the only way you can be 100% sure your bugs are gone for good, and that surety will help you to rest more easy at night.

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