3 Types Of Door Locks To Consider For Your Business

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Was your business burglarized and now you want to invest in better locks for the doors because the ones currently installed are outdated? There are numerous types of door locks that you can choose from, and you might event want to use a combination of several lock types. The article below gives you details about some of the door locks that you should consider for your business. 

Mortise Door Locks

One of the great security features of a mortise lock is that it has numerous levers inside of it that can make picking it a difficult task for burglars to complete. A mortise lock can also be locked with a key from the interior or exterior of the building. Basically, a faceplate will be installed on the door that has a keyhole and door handle on it, but the two parts will be separated instead of being combined as one part. There is also a bolt inside of a mortise lock that will make a door more secure when it is locked.

Electronic Door Locks

Electronic door locks are ideal for a business because they are hard to pick without it being done by a professional locksmith. An electronic lock operates by way of a motor being installed in the jamb of a door. The good thing about having a motor in the door jamb is that the door will not unlock unless the right kind of key is used to activate the motor, and the motor is difficult for burglars to manipulate. There are various types of electronic locks that you can choose from, including ones that operate with the use of cards, keypads, or a combination of both. You will also be able to easily activate and deactivate your employee cards or codes when necessary, such as when someone is fired or hired.

Deadbolt Door Locks

You will find that deadbolt locks are very secure because the bolt sits deep within the jamb when the door is locked. Burglars will not be able to slide a tool inside of the door jamb is to push the bolt back. In order to pick a deadbolt lock, special tools will have to be used to manipulate the pin and tumbler system on the inside. Manipulating the pin and tumbler system in a deadbolt lock can be time-consuming and deter criminals away from your business, as multiple pins must be raised before the door will open. Invest in new locks for your business and hire a locksmith (such as one from Southern California Security Centers) to install them as soon as you are able to.