Selling Your Home? Catching The Eye Of Those Passing By

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If you just put your home up for sale, you are most likely anticipating interest from those who are looking to purchase their own house. There are several ways you can spice up the appearance of the front of your property to make it enticing to those who drive or walk past. Here are some tips you can use in an attempt to pique the interest of prospective buyers so you get some possible leads for selling quickly.

Add Signs To Draw Attention

If you are selling through a real estate company, ask your realtor to provide signs for the front of your property indicating your home is up for sale. These will have pertinent information for potential buyers to call the office directly if they are interested in finding out more about your property. Adding the asking price on the sign is a good idea as it will weed out those who are not able to afford the amount you wish to receive. Adding balloons to the sign will also make it more noticeable, perhaps getting those passing by to slow down to take a closer look.

Utilize Bright Colors To Gain Visibility

Using bright colors in the front of your property will be sure to get people to turn their heads to look at it in more detail. Place several flower planters with vivid colored blooms near a real estate sign to capture the attention of those passing. Flowers can also be placed along your front porch area to give the home a favorable appearance. Consider painting your front door in a contrasting color from your home as this will draw the eyes toward the front of the house itself. Colored curtains can also be beneficial.

Place An Eye Catching Conversation Piece In Your Front Lawn

Consider having a friend park their classic vehicle in your driveway to get people to look toward your home. Your real estate sign can be strategically placed along side the vehicle so it is noticed as well. Placing whimsical yard signs, a stone statue, unique bird bath, or old-time wishing well in your front lawn will improve your property's appearance in addition to grasping the attention of people in the area. Add flood lights to your property to light up these pieces or your real estate sign so attention is also gained during nighttime hours. Solar powered lights can also be placed along the front porch area to illuminate the home during this time as well.

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