How To Stage Your Home To Help Sell Your Home Quickly

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Nobody wants to go to an open house and see a house full of clutter and a space that looks a little too lived in. A potential buyer wants to see homes for sale that look inviting, clean and somewhere they can imagine themselves living. That can be difficult to do if you have a lot of your own personal items lying around, a sink full of dirty dishes and clothing strewn about. See below for ways to help stage your home and sell your home faster.

Remove Clutter

Go through your house room by room, removing excess clutter and personal items such as photos, knick knacks and collections (like that bottle cap collection). Box everything up that you want to keep and start a pile of things you don't want any longer (donate what you can and throw out anything that you cannot donate). Also remove excess furniture to help make rooms appear larger. Invest in a storage unit to hold any items you wish to keep.

Clean And Then Clean Again

Clean up your house like never before. Deep clean your home, including the walls and baseboards to make your home sparkle. If you aren't into doing this type of cleaning, contact a cleaning company to have your home deep cleaned, then maintain your home after that.  

Make Updates To Your Home

Make any necessary repairs to your home and update things around your home that needs updating. Everything in your home should be in working order, so all light switches should do their job (replace any burnt out bulbs), every toilet should flush, and every sink should work properly. If anything is not working properly, be sure to make those repairs. Update things in your home that make the biggest impact. Paint over brightly colored rooms using more neutral and lighter colors. Replace older lighting with new fixtures and update those old appliances with something newer and more energy efficient. Replacing the front door can also make a big impact.

Dress It Up

Set out the good towels, fluff pillows, make the bed, put out the clean rugs on the floor, add fresh flowers to the front porch and let the light into your home. The addition of light can make your home appear larger, brighter and feel more comfortable. Have a box on hand with your good linens inside so you can quickly set them out before each open house or showing.

Staging your home doesn't take a lot of work and the updates/repairs don't have to cost you a lot of money. Ask your realtor about other things you can do to your home.