What Are The Main Signs Of Bed Bugs And The Best Ways To Remove Them From A Property?

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Are you thinking there is a possibility that you have bed bugs roaming around inside your property? These dreaded pests are a nuisance for multiple reasons. They consume human blood, often leave itchy welts behind, and they are such a challenge to remove from the home because of their exoskeletons. Before you start to panic, you should know the signs of a bed bug infestation and then figure out the best approach to removing them from your property.

What Are the Main Signs?

One reason bed bugs tend to spread so quickly is that they often go unnoticed for lengthy periods. Most people do not realize they have bed bugs until these pests have already been present inside the property for several weeks or months. If you are trying to figure out if bed bugs are inside your home, you should check some of the furniture throughout the property. You would need to flip your mattress over, carefully inspect the seams of the mattress, and look all around the bed frame for any live bugs.

During your inspection, you might find live bugs. If not, you could end up finding exoskeletons or tons of black spots. The black spots are often an indication of a bed bug infestation because these pests tend to leave those spots on furniture after they have had a blood meal. Aside from the mattress and bed frame, remove couch cushions, check clothes for any live bugs, and carefully inspect any carpeted floors. If you see live bugs, the exoskeletons that these pests will shed throughout their life cycle, or the black spots, you need to hire a bed bug control company.

How Does a Property Owner Get Rid of the Pests?

Getting rid of bed bugs is not always an easy task. The length of time it takes to remove them from the home will depend on the severity of the infestation and the selected pest control method. For example, an exterminator may offer to spray the property down with effective insecticides that are known to effectively kill bed bugs or heat the home using special heating equipment. The heat treatment tends to cost a bit more than having the property sprayed down with an insecticide, but it is also considered the most effective way to remove bed bugs and the eggs that they have laid all around. An exterminator would talk to you about any other steps you might need to take to keep the bed bugs out of your property.

When you think you have bed bugs, be aware of the signs and immediately take action. Hire an exterminator that offers bed bug control services. You can have these pests eliminated from the property, but you will need expert help to make it happen.