3 Things To Ask For When Buying A House

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Every real estate transaction is unique, and as the person buying a house, you will have the opportunity to ask the seller for things. There are many things you could ask for when buying a house, but here are three things that are very important to ask for in a real estate transaction.

A home warranty

If you have ever owned a home before, you are probably well aware of the fact that things break. One week you might experience problems with your refrigerator not working, and the next week it might be your AC system. Repairs like this are necessary, and they can come up at the most inconvenient times. If you want to avoid surprise expenses for these types of things, ask the seller for a home warranty.

A home warranty is like an insurance policy on the systems and appliances in a home. If one of the items breaks, you can get it serviced for almost free. There is usually a service fee you must pay, but everything else is usually included in the plan. With a home warranty, you can avoid big repair expenses as long as the warranty is valid, and this is important when you own a home.

Window treatments or other fixtures the seller might take

A second thing you might want to consider asking for is the window treatments or other fixtures that the seller can legally take when moving out. If the window treatments are ideal for your style and taste, a seller would likely be willing to leave them for you if you ask for them. If you do not ask, the seller will probably take them when he or she moves out. If there are other items that you really want that normally the seller would take, ask for them. Another example is a coat rack that is hanging on the wall by the front door. If this coat rack is perfect for this spot in the home and for your taste, ask for it in the deal.

A favorable home inspection

The other thing you should ask for is a favorable home inspection. To get a home inspected that you are buying, you must include a contingency in your contract, but it is always important to state that you want a favorable home inspection. This simply means that you are agreeing to buy the home only as long as the inspection does not find major problems.

You may want to include these and other requests in your purchase offer. If you would like more information about other things you could ask for when purchasing a single-family home, be sure to talk to an experienced real estate agent.