Why Renting Office Space Is Better Than Buying a Building

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A lot of business owners are inclined to believe that they have to own a building before they can conduct business out of it. That simply is not true. You might be surprised to learn just how many doctors and lawyers rent their office space. Here is why office space rentals are a better option than buying your own building. 

No Long-Term Mortgage Hanging Over Your Head

You never have to take out a huge mortgage for a business building when you rent your office space. That is a huge monthly expense that will never be yours, and for which you will never have to file bankruptcy when you cannot continue to afford the monthly mortgage payments on it. When you rent, you always have space, and if you need to take a break from your business for a while, you can end your lease or month-to-month rental agreement with no concerns for money owed. 

No Overhead Maintenance Costs

If the toilets overflow in your building and the electricity goes out, you have to pay for some professionals to come and repair all of that when you own the building. When you rent, you do not have to pay anyone a dime because the proprietor is the only person you call, and he/she is the one that takes care of the calls to repair technicians and the bills for the completed repairs. This means that you have no overhead maintenance costs, and that transfers into more money you can either keep in your pocket or invest back into your business. 

Rent as Little or as Much Space as You Want

When you buy an office building, you spend a lot of time breaking the space down into work zones. There is often too much space, and it is all open because you are expected to remodel it the way you want. When you rent space instead, the spaces for rent are already made to fit the amount of office space you want. You can rent a small, medium, large, or extra-large office space, according to your own needs and budget. No remodeling is really necessary. You just move your office stuff in and get started on the next business day. 

Relocate Whenever

If you buy a building for business use, you are essentially stuck in that location. If you rent, you can relocate your business at any time to any other location. It is advantageous to start where the location may not be great, but the rent is manageable, and then move to where the location is fantastic, but the rent is higher.

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