Maintenance Tasks Needed For Rental Properties

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Rental property owners have many responsibilities for the properties they own and rent, which is why many hire property management firms for help. As a rental property owner, you might run out of time and energy. As a result, you might neglect some of your duties, leaving your properties vulnerable to problems. If you want to keep up with the work your properties need, you can hire a property management firm to take over the maintenance duties. Proper maintenance is critical for your business, and here are some of the duties a property management firm will handle when you hire them to maintain your properties.

Handle the Yard Work

One routine part of maintenance for rental properties is yard work. Yard work is something properties need all year round, though the tasks needed vary during different seasons. If you cannot keep up with these tasks, you may want to hire a company to handle them for you.

Window and Siding Cleaning

Properties also need window cleaning and exterior cleaning services. If they have brick, siding, or something else, you may need to clean the buildings at least once a year. Keeping up with these tasks keep the properties nicer and makes them look better.

Test and Replace Batteries in Detectors

Another part of routine maintenance is testing and replacing the batteries in all the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These detectors are vital for your properties, but they cannot work properly if you do not replace the batteries regularly.

Annual HVAC Cleanings and Maintenance

A property management company can also care for your HVAC systems in all your properties by providing annual services. If you keep up with these services, the systems will work better and last longer.

Gutter Cleaning

Every property you own should have gutters as these keep the properties dry. Gutter cleaning is something you should aim for at least twice a year as part of your routine maintenance.

Common Area Maintenance

Finally, if you have properties with common areas, it is your responsibility to care for these areas. Caring for them might include cleaning the areas each week or changing any light bulbs. Keeping up with the common area maintenance is a crucial part of owning rental properties, and a property manager can do these things, too.

Proper maintenance of your units helps them hold their values and makes the tenants happy. Contact a property management service for more information.