3 Things To Consider When Hiring A Property Tax Consultant

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If you feel that your property tax assessment is too high and that you are required to turn over too much money each year in property taxes, you have recourse. You can hire a property tax consultant to evaluate your assessment and determine if it is fair and accurate or if you are being overcharged. If you are being overcharged, a property tax consultant can then help you fight back and work to get your assessment lowered to the actual value, allowing you to save a significant amount of money.

Type of Experience

When you are looking to hire a property tax consultant, you will want to find out what type of experience they have. You will want to work with a professional who has extensive experience with the kind of assessment you need assistance with. You will want to look for a professional who has a deep understanding of how personal property taxes work in your area. You want someone who knows what homes are valued for, what they should be valued at, and who can help you with this.


When it comes to fixing your personal property tax rate and getting it adjusted, the process can feel complicated, especially if it is not something you have worked on before. That is why you will want to work with a professional who you feel comfortable asking questions about the process and who has set up established ways to keep in contact with you and answer your questions and concerns as you go through this process. You want someone who can help you out and who is accessible to you when you need them.

Protest Experience

If you strongly believe that your assessment overvalues your property, you will want to look for a property tax consultant who has protest experience. Basically, that means that they understand and know how to present a case to the local board to protect your tax bill. You will want to look for a consultant who has a proven track record of success with the tax protests. Look for a consultant that has experience with protests within your area. That shows you that they understand how to successfully get through a local protest and get things changed in your favor.

If you think your personal property tax assessment is off, it is up to you to hire a property tax consultant to evaluate your property and help you mount a protest. You will want to hire a consultant with persona property experience in your area and a track record of successful protests.