Recommendations To Help You With Your Upcoming Military Move

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Planning and making a household move can be stressful and time-consuming, but when you are completing it through a military move, it is much more streamlined. No matter how streamlined the process is, you will still need to stay organized and keep on top of essential tasks so you have a good move. The following recommendations can provide you with some helpful tips to make the best experience with your military move.

Make a Household Goods Inventory

In the time before your move takes place, you should take an inventory of all your possessions. This includes your valuables, such as jewelry, coins, and art, and also electronics and expensive furniture pieces. Make sure you take inventory of the serial numbers of your electronics and take photos of valuable items so you have a record of them and their condition. Take photos and make a video inventory list of furnishings and their existing condition, such as your grandmother's antique table in the event that it becomes damaged during the move. You will need to have a photo or video of its condition to file a claim at your next home location.

When your movers arrive to begin packing up your possessions, they will make their own inventory list of your household goods and furniture. As they pack items into boxes, they will inventory them according to what it contains, such as dishes, linens, or books. Each box will receive a number and go onto its master inventory list. This list is important as it is what you will use to keep track of your items as they are unloaded at your new home location. You will receive a copy of the list, which you will want to keep with you on your move, then check items off when they are unloaded.

Know What Your Essentials Are

In addition to keeping track of your household goods before, during, and after the move, you will need to plan for your baggage as you travel to your new destination and home. Make a list of all your overnight necessities, medications, important documentation, and relocation and moving documents so you are sure to pack them up before you move. 

Pack plenty of clothing, cash for your personal needs, toiletries, snacks, and some plasticware for making and eating meals after the movers have gone. You will need to plan to set these items aside while the movers are packing so they do not accidentally pack them up with them.

Contact a local military relocation real estate agent to get more tips.