Insight For A Smoother Home Purchase With The Help Of A Home Inspection

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Buying a home is a decision that you should not take lightly, and you should prepare wherever possible for it to be successful with the right management of the contracts, negotiations, and finalization. As a big part of a home purchase, you need to inspect the property with one or more professional inspection services. Here are some recommendations to help you take the right steps in the home inspection process.

Arrange For a Professional Inspection

As soon as you find a home you want to purchase, you will get with your realtor and customize an offer price to then submit it for their review. Just as you carefully assess the market for a proper offer price, you should also want to have the home assessed for its condition and for any underlying issues. 

By simply walking through a home, you may not see any structural problems or damage to the home's electrical or roof for example. But a professional home inspector will be able to go through the home with an inspection mindset to check out the home's interior, exterior, systems, and components. They will inspect them for their existing condition and for any signs of past damage, such as moisture damage that was not repaired after a roof leak was remedied. Moisture damage can leave behind dry rot and the potential for mold and mildew growth, which can be toxic in a home. 

Understand the Timing

The timing in which you hire a professional inspection should be considered in your purchase process. Once you know that you want to buy a home, you and your realtor will be able to write up the contract with specific deadlines for the sellers and complete upcoming steps in the home purchase finalization. 

For example, a purchase contract will have a deadline for the financing to be finalized and for the closing to take place. Similarly, you will want to set up a deadline for the home inspection to take place, and early on in the process. A deadline for a week or two later is a good recommendation so you can have the inspection completed as soon as possible and review the findings of the inspection. Also look at arranging an inspection on the pool if there is one, on the home's radon levels, or the presence of mold and mildew. With the results of any inspections, look at any issues in the home in which you want to request the seller to repair or renegotiate the home's purchase price.

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