3 Reasons to Downsize to a Senior Living Apartment

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You probably already know how challenging maintaining your home can be as you age. If you're lucky enough to have loved ones nearby, they may be able to help with some of the burdens, but no amount of assistance can remove the work and money required to keep a house in good condition. Chores such as lawn mowing or cleaning up can become much harder with age.

If you or your spouse have mobility issues or other health concerns, these daily activities can become even more strenuous. These stresses can make enjoying other aspects of your life more challenging. If you're looking for an alternative, consider these three reasons why downsizing into a senior living apartment may be the perfect move for your future.

1. Less Financial Stress

You've probably heard that unrealized gains only exist on paper. If you've spent much of your life paying into your home's equity, those gains are unrealized. While you may have plenty of equity in your home, you can't access that money without borrowing against it. Selling your home and moving into a senior apartment realizes those gains and puts that money in your pocket.

If you've been putting off major items on your bucket list, such as cruises, long vacations, or even a fancy new car, moving into a smaller and cheaper living situation can be a great way to get those funds into your bank account. Having money on hand for emergencies or even impulse purchases can also help you finally achieve a life free from financial stress.

2. More Free Time

Does your home have extra rooms that go unused except for the occasional visit by family members? A large house makes sense when raising kids but can quickly become a burden as you transition into the empty nest stage. Those extra rooms can become additional spaces to clean and maintain, or worse, unmanageable storage piles.

By downsizing to an apartment that better fits your current living situation and needs, you can free up time previously spent maintaining your house. If you routinely find yourself putting off more enjoyable activities because you need to clean, mow the lawn, or fix some minor problem, downsizing can be a great way to reclaim all those moments.

3. Greater Freedom and Mobility

Surprisingly, selling your home can be a great way to live a more independent and free life. Many senior apartment complexes include on-site amenities ranging from pools to exercise rooms. Living in a detached home may feel stifling if you have issues that make getting out difficult. With on-site facilities in a senior living complex, you'll have quick and easy access to plenty of fun and social activities.

Senior living apartments also often offer easy access to transportation options such as shuttle buses. Even if you still drive, these options can provide a more stress-free and fun way to get around.

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