3 Areas In Your Home That Your House Cleaner Should Thoroughly Clean Before Your Baby Comes

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When you bring your new baby home for the first time, you want to make sure that they are coming home to a clean environment. In order to do this, you are going to need to do a great deal of deep cleaning. If you feel that you aren't up for doing this yourself, then you can hire a house cleaner to come in and clean for you. Their training and skill set will allow them to do an excellent job, and they will be able to thoroughly clean all of the areas that you need them to. This article will discuss 3 areas in your home that you should have your house cleaner clean for you before the baby comes. 

The Walls And Ceilings In The Bathroom 

Because the moist environment in your bathroom is the perfect breeding ground for potentially dangerous mold, it is very important that your bathroom is cleaned from top to bottom. While the normal wipe down is important to do each week or so, cleaning the walls and using a cleaner with bleach in it will help you go above and beyond to remove the mold. Your house cleaner will focus on scrubbing the areas above and around the shower with a scrubbing brush that removes the mold without damaging your paint job. They will continue to scrub the walls and ceiling in your bathroom as far as necessary until there is no sign of mold anywhere. The bleach cleaner will help to stop new mold from growing and will kill almost any germs that you have remaining in the bathroom. 


Your carpets are another area of your home that can be full of germs and bacteria that have gathered over the years, so it is important to have them cleaned before your baby comes. It is also wise to have them cleaned simply to remove all current stains before your baby is old enough to create new stains on them. You can rent a carpet cleaning machine if you don't have one on hand, and your skilled house cleaner will be able to slowly and carefully go over your carpets until they are much cleaner and more sanitary for your baby. 

Lights And Fans 

The lights and fans in your home often collect a great deal of dust, dead bugs, and other debris that floats around your home. While you may not notice that this dust makes a difference in your breathing, it is important that you have as clean of air as possible for your sweet new baby. Have your house cleaner dust and wipe down all of your fans so that they are not blowing dust around the room when they are on. Also, have them remove the light fixtures and clean out all bugs or other debris inside. This gives your infant clean air to breath.