4 Cool Amenities To Offer Your Tenants

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Offering your tenants extra amenities that they can't get just anywhere makes a lot of sense for your business. The better the living experience you offer potential tenants, the easier it is to attract high quality tenants willing to pay premium rent. Happy tenants will reduce your turnover, improve your reviews, and generally foster a more positive rental environment. Here are four cool amenities to consider offering to your tenants:

On-site Laundry

If all other things are equal, and your apartments offer washers and dryers and another apartment doesn't, which apartment do you think people will prefer to live in? No one wants to haul their laundry to the laundromat and come up with quarters for laundry if they don't have to. If your apartments don't have enough space for full size washer and dryers, look for smaller, space-saving stacking appliances instead.

Spending a little more on high quality washer and dryers with good consumer ratings will be worthwhile in the long run since you won't have to repair or replace them as often.

Secured Access

Upgrading your current entrance with a secured access system, either using codes or keycards, is very appealing for both you and tenants. Tenants will feel safer knowing that not just anyone has access to the building. You will find that changing a lock code or rescanning keycards is much more economical and efficient than having the locks changed on a regular basis.

Online Rent Payments

Most tenants these days are used to paying the majority of their bills online, and would probably like the same convenience when it comes to their rent. Instead of the hassle of having to come to the office at the right time with a check, they can simply log onto your online rent system and pay the rent at their own convenience. This will benefit you as well, since it eliminates the hassle and cost of bounced rent checks.

Free High Speed Internet

Offering free high speed internet and Wi-Fi will definitely help your apartment building come across as more convenient and up-to-date than old school apartments where tenants have to sign up and pay for their own internet individually. If you are worried about the cost, you can always raise rent slightly to help absorb it.

By offering these amenities to prospective tenants, you will stand out from the pack and even be able to charge more rent.

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