Bust Sticky Carpet Gunk With Simple Home Solutions

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Carpet is a great addition to your home, serving up a comfortable and cozy appeal that only something soft and cushy could do. Unfortunately, no matter how much your love your carpet, it is definitely a pain when something gooey gets stuck in the tiny fibers. Whether its the kids in the house, things stuck to your feet, or spills, those small sticky situations are bound to come about if you have carpet in your house somewhere. When you spot something gunky on your cozy floor, there are a few DIY remedies you should be familiar with that may help.

Chewing Gum or Something Similar

Struggling with something like chewing gum? Whether you are positive it is chewing gum or just something that looks like chewing gum and you are not certain just what it is, there is a simple solution that may help. Reach in the freezer and grab a good handful of ice cubes. Let the ice settle directly on the gummy spot for several minutes. Test the gum and see if it is starting to harden and, if so, start trying to pull the material away from the carpet fibers. It should break away much easier, even though it will take a while to get every last piece removed, possibly even requiring several ice cubes.

Maple or Corn Syrup

Whether it spilled from the plate of an excited little one or you had an accident with a bottle on the way in with groceries, syrup on your carpet floor is not going to be a welcome sight. Maple and corn syrup are so sticky, the usual soap and water will probably just grind the sticky sweet stuff further into the carpet, leaving a huge stain behind. The key to removing this stuff is heat. At a high enough temperature, syrups turn into a much thinner liquid state. Grab a set of helping hands and a blow dryer and have someone blow hot heat on the stain while you soak up the syrup on a heavy cotton towel. Once you have removed most of the syrup, tackle the spot with a carpet stain removal agent and a clean towel.

When you see a sticky spot on your carpet, you may be completely annoyed. However, with a few tricks of the trade, you should be able to remove a lot of the residue on your own. If after all of this you are still seeing huge spots or stains, get in touch with a good carpet repair and cleaning expert, such as Atlantic Carpet Care, for advice.