Want To Buy A House That Will Help You Foster Cats? 3 Features To Make A Top Priority

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Adopting a few cats and keeping them as family is a process that may take some time, but it should end up being fine, especially when you let them get adjusted to one another on their own terms. This is not something that you can expect to happen when you want to foster cats on a consistent basis. Helping local shelters and misplaced kittens or adult cats is not an easy responsibility, but it is a crucial one. If this is one of your main goals in life, you should consider buying a house that will help you achieve this goal.

Enclosed Patio or Porch

Outdoor cats live an exciting life, but all too often it is short-lived. So, when you have indoor cats, even if you are just fostering them until they grow up or find a home, you want to give them what they need. Visual stimulation is one of the essential things that a cat needs to be happy in your home. An enclosed patio or porch that you can open up to them puts them close to the action, but without risk. They will be able to hear the sounds of birds chirping, people talking, and car engines roaring. Just make sure you set up enough places for all of the cats that you intend on fostering to get a look out at the neighborhood.

Extra Rooms

The most important thing to do when introducing new cats is confining them to separate areas. You do not want them to come into contact with one another when they are highly stressed. This means you will want to have an extra room that you do not intend on using other than for your foster cats. If you plan on fostering a litter of kittens or take in multiple cats at a time, having several rooms is a smart idea.

Several Ledges

When you are constantly bringing new cats into your home, you will appreciate having a home with multiple ledges. Even when they are up quite high, you can add wall shelves or a cat tree to enable access. High places are known to comfort cats for all sorts of reasons, but especially to reduce stress. Your foster cats may want to spend some time on these ledges when you bring a new kitten or adult cat home.

Having a home that allows for easy fostering of cats will make you a top contributor for years to come. Keep this in mind while looking at homes for sale.