Are You A Snowbird Headed South? Get Someone To Manage Your Rental Properties

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Are you a snow bird that likes to head to Florida in the winter when the temperatures drop, but you also have rental properties that you need to manage back home? If so, it may be time to get professional help from a property management team. A property management team can deal with the hassles of the property for a fee, but you still get to deposit most of the rent. Here are a few reasons why you want to look into a property management company for your properties.

Emergency Management

Are you worried about who can care for the property if there is a damaged water line, fire, or problem with an appliance and emergency maintenance is required? If so, having someone you can trust to manage the property, to call the right professionals, and to get the tenants needs taken care of is important. Since you are the owner of the property you are responsible and liable for issues that go on, so having a company that will be answering the calls 24 hours a day is important.

Tenant Investigation

Are you more relaxed about picking tenants than you should be, or do you find it inconvenient to screen the tenants? If so, you can rely on your property management team to do the following:

Once all of these different factors are looked into, your management team will determine if the candidate is a great match for your property, and if they are going to be likely to pay their rent on time each month.

Inspections and Showings

Properties should be inspected before or when a tenant moves out to determine if they get the security deposit back or not. They also need to be shown when trying to get a new tenant into the property. If you are gone enjoying the sunny weather, you'll need someone to do this for you.

Before you head out for the season and before you leave your rental properties behind, make sure you find a management company that has the staff to watch and care for your properties. This will help you feel secure that your properties are taken care of and that you are covered for anything that comes up while you are traveling.