Use A Wheelchair To Get Around? Look For A Home With The Qualities That Fit Your Needs

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Getting used to relying on a wheelchair for transportation can be tough in the beginning. But, the main problem that you will run into is when your home and neighborhood are not very accommodating. When you are interested in buying a home, you need to make handicap access a top priority. It is also helpful to consider other features that will guarantee a positive experience with living in the home that you own.

Maintained Sidewalks

If you still like traversing around the neighborhood on your own or with your dog, you might need to rely on maintained sidewalks more than any other person in the neighborhood. It is easy for a person walking to just step over a cracked sidewalk, but it could keep you from getting over the cracks in your wheel chair without any assistance. In some cases, it could damage the wheelchair wheels, which creates an inconvenient and costly situation for you. Prioritizing cities with a 50/50 sidewalk program, in which the city takes the initiative in getting the repairs done and only requires the residents to pay half the amount, will likely lead to much safer sidewalks. 

Nearby Hospital

When you use a wheelchair to get around, you might naturally visit the hospital on a frequent basis. This may be just to check up on your overall health or to inspect your legs for potential blood clots. When looking at homes, you will find it beneficial to look at a hospital directory that tells you exactly where the nearest hospitals are located. This will prevent you from having to do any heavy legwork or having to drive a long distance, and it lets you know how many options you have for standard visits, emergencies, and specialized medical services.

Entry Ramps

Not many homes are going to be outfitted for handicap access. But, you may be able to find some that have been prepared this way because the previous homeowners needed it to get around comfortably. It is helpful to prioritize these homes as you will not have to do much work to the home. But, do not let it be the deciding factor because you can always get the necessary work done before you move in.

Buying a home while understanding the importance of handicap friendly features will help you buy a home that you can feel confident about moving into knowing that it has everything you need.