Finding the Perfect Apartment Using a System to Rank Your Criteria

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When you are looking for an apartment, it's important to remember that you are finding your next home. Even if the move is temporary, you will be paying for your place to live and should have some of your wishes met. Whether you are looking for a larger place for you and your child or want to live close to certain amenities, knowing what you want will help you make the right decision. By using a system to evaluate what you are hoping for in an apartment, you will be able to find a place to live that you will love.

Proximity to Amenities

Some people prefer to live out in the wilderness while others want to be able to walk to get groceries. Consider what you prefer when it comes to your new living situation. If you are just getting a divorce and are concerned about having a car, you will clearly want a place to live that is close to amenities such as public transportation. When a car is no concern, you may want the peace and quiet of living out in the country. Decide what type of environment you want to live or determine that this doesn't really matter to you either way.

All Utilities Included

It may matter to you that all of your utilities are included in your rental fee. This way, you know what you are going to be paying every month for your basic costs. While phone, cable, and Internet will be extra, you won't have to worry about utility-bill fluctuations throughout the year. If you are a person who is frugal about turning on the heat or air conditioning, you may be better off in a place that doesn't include utilities. 

Yearly Lease Versus Month-to-Month Agreement

If your move is truly short term, you probably don't want to have to sign a yearly lease. A month-to-month agreement means that both you and your landlord can terminate the agreement with one month's notice. If you sign a yearly lease, it is harder for you or your landlord to get out of this contract. When you know you aren't going to live in your apartment for more than a few months, you will need to find a place that is month to month.

As you look for your next apartment, consider what you can afford every month without completely depleting your finances. While you may need to find a place quickly, do your best to find a place that you can pay for every month. Look at a variety of places, such as University Manor Apartments, so you can find a place to live that is right for you.