Can These Mistakes Hurt Your Chances Of Selling Your Home?

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No matter how charming your home is, you could make serious mistakes that result in it sitting on the market far longer than you anticipated. Selling your home takes careful planning and dedication, and one wrong move could cost you the chance to move on. To help ensure the sale of your home is not jeopardized, here are some mistakes to avoid.  

Going Overboard With Home Improvements

It is customary for homeowners to make changes to their home to make it more marketable. However, going overboard with the home improvements can actually work against you. Not only will it be unlikely that you will recoup the costs of your improvements, but you could actually turn off potential buyers.  

For instance, the addition of a swimming pool sounds like a wise move, but some buyers could see it as nothing more than an inconvenience. Buyers might be worried that they will have to ensure that the pool is properly maintained and secured from children who might visit the property.  

Before making any renovations, consider talking with your realtor. He or she knows the market and what features are selling. His or her advice could help you save on unnecessary renovations and also help you make improvements that make your home more attractive.  

Limiting Viewing of Your Home

Everyone does not keep the same hours that you do. What might seem like a reasonable time to tour your home might be inconvenient for others. If you severely limit your viewing hours, you could be turning away potential buyers who would be willing to place a bid on your home.  

Although it might be inconvenient to you sometimes, try to be more open with the times that you are willing to show your home. For instance, if a buyer wants to view your home on Christmas Eve, let them. The holiday spirit might move them to place an offer on your home.  

Your realtor can help you determine what are the best hours for allowing tours of your home. It is important to remember that your realtor might schedule open houses and also show the home independently to others. The minor inconvenience is a small price to pay if you want to sell. 

Talk to your realtor about other mistakes that could put your chances of selling your home at risk. He or she can help pinpoint those mistakes and give you advice on avoiding them.