Be Warned: These Things May Limit Your Ability to Sell Your Home

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When your home is on the market for sale, people who may be interested in buying it will attempt to juggle the features they like about the home with those they don't. If the former category is dominant, you may receive an offer — but if the entries in the latter category stand out, it's possible that you may have trouble selling your home. Going into the process of listing your home, your real estate agent will likely identify the things that may make selling a challenge. Generally, it's a good idea to address these issues in advance of putting your home on the market. Here are some examples of things that can hinder your ability to sell your home. 

Old Septic Tank

A septic tank that is likely approaching the end of its lifespan can definitely scare prospective buyers away. On average, you can expect a septic tank to last between 25 and 30 years, and while your tank can certainly exceed this timeline if you and the previous owners of your home have property cared for it, an old septic tank will make many people nervous. Having a new septic tank installed is a costly endeavor and one that most buyers would want to avoid upon purchasing a home.

Cracked Foundation

A cracked foundation will also scare some buyers away. While a cracked foundation can typically be repaired, and may not require as much work as one would think, the general idea of a crack in this part of your home can be scary. People will be concerned that the crack in the foundation has resulted in problems inside the home, including those that may not be immediately apparent. Such issues can include mold and structural problems in the walls.

Worn-Out Windows

Windows that need to be replaced might seem trivial compared to a worn-out septic tank or a cracked foundation, but this issue is a concern for many people. Windows are exceedingly expensive to replace, and having to replace a handful of windows throughout a home can cost the homeowner thousands of dollars. Additionally, worn-out windows may be allowing inside air to escape, which can quickly escalate the home's heating or cooling bills. It's a good idea to think about addressing the three above issues before you list your home — or significantly lowering your listing price to entice buyers who know that they'd have a considerable investment upon buying the home.