Questions To Ask When Downsizing To A Smaller Home

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Deciding to look for a smaller home can happen for many reasons, but one thing is for sure: you will want to choose your new home carefully so that you love it as much as your old home. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you search for great homes for sale.

Which Areas Need to Be the Biggest?

First of all, the square footage of your new home may not be as important as how big certain rooms are. If you are a cook, then you will probably want the kitchen to be the largest room. Or you might prioritize having a big, luxurious bathroom. Whatever it may be, make sure that you consider the relative size of the most important rooms in the homes you are looking at.

Can I Get Rid of Anything?

It's easier to see yourself in a smaller home if you are not burdened down by lots of stuff. In conjunction with your home search, consider doing a home cleaning to get rid of items that you don't really need or use. Then you won't be going through your search wondering where you wil fit all of your stuff.

Do I Need New Furniture?

It can also help to be open to new furniture. Heavy pieces can weigh down a smaller space. Consider getting smaller tables and couches that fit with the theme of your new home.

How Can I Make the Space Feel Bigger?

You might also want to consider room in your budget for making the home seem larger than it is. There are many design tricks for doing this. A fresh coat of paint is easy enough to add, and lighter colors will help to extend the space. It's especially important to have white ceilings that can make the room appear taller than it is. If your space doesn't have a lot of windows, consider the costs of adding a few more. You could also get brighter finishes in key areas. For example, glass cabinets are becoming a popular way to add levity to the kitchen area.

What Features Will Make Up for the Lost Space?

Despite less space, what is it that will make you love your new home? It could be a special feature such as a fireplace. It might be the home's proximity to coffee shops or book stores. Basically, make sure that you look for a home that is, at least in some significant ways, superior to your old home. Your real estate agent can help you locate properties with a little something special.