How Do You Find The Perfect Luxury Townhome? Here Are 3 Things You Should Be Looking For

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Luxury townhomes are a great middle ground between single-family homes and condominiums. They're often available close to the city center at a much lower selling price compared to single-family homes, which allows you to live close to dining, shopping, and work while saving money on your mortgage payment compared to purchasing a single-family home in the city. However, you'll find that luxury townhomes still offer you the same amount of square footage as single-family homes – they're most often larger than condominiums in a comparable price range.

If you're interested in a townhome, you may be wondering how to find the perfect one. To help you out, here are three things you should be looking for in a luxury townhome.

1. Double-Frame Construction

One of the reasons why people are wary about moving into a townhome instead of a single-family home is the fact that you may be able to hear your neighbors. Townhomes share their walls with adjacent0 homes. Depending on how the townhomes were constructed, noise may be able to easily transfer through the wall. If you're planning to raise a family in your townhome, noise reduction is an important consideration – you don't want the sounds of your kids playing in the home to accidentally annoy the neighbors. It's also an important consideration if you're retiring into a luxury townhome and looking for peace and quiet.

Thankfully, luxury townhomes are typically built to a higher standard than other townhomes and often feature double-frame construction. Rather than sharing a single wall, you're separated from your neighbors by two walls with a small air gap in the middle. This reduces the amount of noise that leaks through the wall. Additionally, other design considerations such as placing infrequently used rooms such as closets or bathrooms against the shared wall can also reduce the amount of noise you'll hear. If peace and quiet is a concern, you'll want to look for a luxury townhome with these features.

2. Luxury Amenities

Luxury townhome developments often come with amenities that are equally as luxurious, such as private parks, pools, play areas, and even golf courses. You'll have easy, walkable access to these amenities – and they won't be crowded since they're only meant for residents of the development and their guests. Luxury amenities are one of the most desirable features in a luxury townhome development because of their solitude and convenience.

However, there's a trade-off for luxury amenities. You'll need to pay for their maintenance as part of your monthly homeowner's association fee. If you never go golfing, you may not appreciate paying for lawn maintenance at the private golf course – when you're looking at luxury townhomes for sale, make sure you select one with amenities that you'll use and enjoy.

3. Homeowner's Association Providing Full Upkeep and Maintenance

Townhomes have an advantage over single-family homes in that a considerable amount of upkeep is covered by your homeowner's association fee. Townhomes are similar in this way to condominiums, and homeowner's association fees in townhomes are typically lower than those of condominiums because there are no common areas such as hallways to maintain. However, there's more variability in what the homeowner's association will maintain in a townhome development compared to a condominium complex – in some cases, the exterior maintenance of your townhome may not be covered. If you're looking for easy maintenance in your new townhome, find a luxury townhome development featuring a homeowner's association that cares for the exterior of your townhome such as exterior painting and roof repairs. Luxury townhomes often cater to homeowners who don't want to perform much maintenance on their own, so these developments are typically easy to find.

To sum it up, finding a luxury townhome with double-frame construction eliminates the primary downside of living in a townhome compared to a single-family home. Finding one with a homeowner's association that performs exterior maintenance and provide luxury amenities gives you the primary benefits of living in a luxury condominium. Keeping these three things in mind while you're searching for the perfect luxury townhome for sale will help you maximize the benefits of townhome life while minimizing the negatives, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your future home.