Why You Should Buy A Single-Family Home Instead Of Renting

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Have you been living in an apartment for quite some time? If so, you may be considering purchasing a single-family home so that you have a place to call your own. Here are some reasons to start looking into a home and stop renting forever.

You Will Build Equity

One of the things many people hate about renting is that they feel like they are throwing their money away every single month when they pay their rent. That money for rent is something that you will never get back, but your landlord will certainly use it to grow their own wealth. That's because a home is a purchase that will do a great job of maintaining its value over the years, and in many cases increase in value. You will eventually be able to get that money back when it comes time to sell the house.

You Will Have Fixed Payments

Has your landlord decided to raise your rent again at the end of your lease? It's an unfortunate possibility that can really throw off your budget. When you buy a home, know that your mortgage payment is going to be locked in for the term of the loan. If you end up with a 30-year home mortgage that costs $1,000 a month, the mortgage is going to be the same amount when the last payment is due. You always have the option to make additional payments as well, which will lower how much you owe each month and will pay off the mortgage early.

You Can Customize Everything

No longer will you have to worry about being fined for making modifications to your space. When you own a home, you're free to make holes in the wall to hang pictures, paint the walls any color you want, and even make home renovations if you want. Nobody can control what you can and can't do to your home as long as it is following the local building codes.

If you feel like you're ready to take the next step in purchasing a home, find a local real estate agent that can help guide you through the process. They'll be the one to help arrange home showings, navigate the many listings out there, and eventually assist with making an offer on a home that you love. Real estate agents make first time home buying a breeze, so you have nothing to worry about.