7 Key Features That Buyers Are Looking For In Luxury Homes In 2020

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Luxury home buyers expect only the best when shopping for a new home. From solar power to high-tech solutions, luxury home buyers want it all. 

1. Solar: Solar panels are always a nice feature to have in a luxury home. For 2020, however, buyers are looking to go beyond a few passive solar panels on the roof. They want barely noticeable, high-end solar shingles as well as the ability to plug in an electric car. Green energy is appealing to buyers next year and into the foreseeable future. 

2. Surveillance: While doorbells with built-in cameras are everywhere these days, luxury home buyers want much more in the way of protection. They are not just concerned about 'porch pirates' stealing a package or two. They want to protect their family with a whole house, state-of-the-art surveillance system.

3. Kitchen Extras: Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances are already de rigueur in luxury homes. Buyers want more for 2020. Warming drawers, wine fridges, and enormous pantries that need their own zip code are all key features that luxury home buyers are looking for.

4. Spa Bathrooms: While luxurious master bathrooms have long been on everyone's list of must-haves. Luxury home buyers expect only the best spa features in their bathroom, from soaking tubs that fill with a ceiling mount faucet to steam showers with more buttons and knobs than humanly possible.

5. Outdoor Fireplace: Firepits are passe. An outdoor fireplace with comfortable seating is what luxury home buyers will be looking for in 2020. Outdoor spaces should be an extension of the inside of a home, not an afterthought. A cozy outdoor fireplace surrounded by comfy sofas does a nice job of accomplishing this goal.

6. Tech Features: Homeowners across America are attracted to technology in their homes. Wireless home automation is a key feature, including systems that integrate with cell phones to allow constant access from anywhere in the world.

7. Open Floor Plan: The open floor plan gained popularity in the 1970s as people decided that they no longer wanted closed off rooms, but preferred open spaces where they could mingle with family and guests. Although many things in design are cyclical, the open floor plan remains a solid choice for luxury home buyers. 

While luxury home buyers in 2020 will still want high end features and finishes, they will expect bigger and better as we head into the new year.  For more information, contact companies like Sequel Residential.