Buying A House? 3 Ways To Provide The Best Life For Your Cats

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Although you may have enjoyed living in rentals over the years, you may feel ready to become a homeowner so you can satisfy all the wants and needs of your family. As a cat owner, you may feel confident about your ability to provide the best life for your cats in a place that you own because you can demand suitable features and qualities right away.

While you can always make changes later to accommodate growing demands, you should figure out which things are worth prioritizing with house hunting to make your cats happy.

Enclosed Areas

Letting your cats outside is an option, but this is not something that you must do to get your cats all the fresh air that they want as long as you buy a place with an enclosed area. Enclosed porches and sunrooms are great examples of enclosed spaces that give an incredible view of the outside.

While an enclosed porch will automatically have fresh air that your cats can enjoy, you only need to open the windows to accomplish the same thing in a sunroom. This makes it worth prioritizing either kind of room so that you can give your cats a safe and enclosed area to spend time.


Even when your cats are not spending time in an enclosed area, they may enjoy looking at people, cars, and other animals from the windows around the house. This makes it worth prioritizing homes with lots of windows, especially ones that you know come with desirable views. Even better, you can prioritize large window sills that your cats will be able to sit or lay on comfortably.


Picking a fitting neighborhood is important because there are a lot of different things that can affect the well-being of your cats. For instance, you may want to avoid loud neighborhoods because the noise could make them feel uncomfortable or make it hard to get enough sleep.

This means that you should pass on places next to busy roads or schools, as these two things are a consistent source of noise that you will not be able to avoid. You may even want to demand a residential area where you do not have to worry about nearby bars or restaurants being noisy.

If you go through these steps when buying a home, you can look forward to providing the best life for your cats with your new house. Contact a real estate agent for help with finding single-family homes for sale in your area.