Is a Career in Real Estate Right for You?

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Choosing a career is a huge decision to make. When you consider how much of your time will be dedicated to this subject, it can be hard to make the commitment. Many people find they love working in the real estate sector as a broker or agent. Here are three things to consider if you have ever wondered if a career in real estate is right for you.

The Time Commitment

Different careers require different schedules and time commitments. Luckily, most real estate professionals have some normal business hours — no overnight or swing shifts. One unique detail in most of these positions is the need for weekend hours. Most home sellers and buyers are going to need your services on the weekend. Things like open houses, preapprovals, loan details, or house hunting often takes place Saturday and Sunday. If you don't see yourself committing your weekends to the job, this might not be the career for you. 

The People Skills

It takes some good people skills to be successful in real estate. No matter what end of the transaction you are on, dealing with potential home buyers or loan applicants requires a lot of communication. To increase your business revenue, winning the client over is important. This isn't something you can overlook — it can make or break your ability to find success in the market. If you have a hard time talking to clients in person or over the phone, you're not going to want to do it all day long. Good communicators who thrive on networking and making connections with others will thrive in their real estate endeavors. 

High Stress

The real estate market is known to have its ups and downs. Depending on the year, the market can be ice cold or burning hot. There are pros and cons that come with seller and buyer's markets. Learning how to handle the stress of both markets is crucial. Homebuyers and sellers have many reasons they decide to buy or sell. If there is urgency, misfortune, or difficulty in the decision process, then these transactions can feel extra stressful. Learning how to steady yourself professionally to guide an emotional buyer along is key. If you do well under pressure and can be a calming factor in these business dealings, you're ready for some real estate responsibilities.

You might love a career in real estate if you're open to working weekends, have some decent people skills, and able to handle the stress. Start looking into your state requirements for a real estate broker pre-license online course.